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11th March 2007

Yesterday we reached 80,000 visitors on the english sites of PureArea.net since the start on 29th August 2003. Thanks for your interest!

PureBasic Version 4 now also in the stores!


According to informations by developer Frederic Laboureur this version has a free update right included - limited to one year from purchase. This means that costumers of this version can contact the german publisher MasterCreating (support@purebasic.de) for registering and getting access to the personal download area. I want to inform, that I don't be the support for this version.


The unlimited full version including all updates can of course be ordered from me - beside the download access there is additionally availabe a CDROM (details on request via e-mail).

Because of the lack of time and a stroke of fate (my grandfather died on 19th February) there was unfortunately nothing to hear from me on the forums and here on PureArea.net for a longer time, so I can't announce big news or updates on PureArea.net today.


One of the most hardworking authors of UserLibs and deverloper tools around PureBasic has released his own download tool for his programs - so I present the Gnozals Tools Updater in the Developer Tools today.

But I wasn't inactive last weeks/months. The CodeArchiv is (except very few codes) now fully converted to PureBasic v4, there are already added more than 500 new codes. On the left side you see a screenshot of the actual version.


From time to time I have problems with converting codes. They will be put online here. If you can help with converting them to PB v4, you're welcome! Please send successfully converted codes via e-mail to me or post them in the related thread on german forum. Thank you!

7th January 2007

Welcome 2007 - Happy New Year to all PureBasic users!


PureBasic got two new versions last weeks: For Windows was released a bug-fix as PureBasic v4.02 and for Linux the Beta 2 of the forthcoming v4 were released. Both can be downloaded in your personal account on PureBasic.com.

PureBasic Linux users can't await

the final PB v4 for their OS....

Fredo - Currency of the PureBasic World! ;)

PureBasic users understand fun.

Look what they created with Freds face ;)

On PureArea.net I've updated UserLibs again - this section contain now 245 (!!) libraries for extending your PureBasic and making your (programming) life easier.

17th December 2006

      Happy Xmas to all PureBasic users!     

I wish you also all the best for the

coming year 2007!


PureBasic for AmigaOS will not be developed further anymore. Because of this, Frederic Laboureur has decided to release it as OpenSource (except the compiler) - you can get it on PureBasic.com! PureBasic v4 Linux is still in beta stage and there are also done several bug-fixes to PureBasic v4 for Windows - so there is also a small update (PureBasic v4.01) available in your personal download account on PureBasic.com.


Today I've extended the section of the Developer Tools with several cool new tools: DirectX 9c and OpenGL includes for PureBasic, a new (unofficial) TailBite version and more tools by gnozal. Because of the often missed Midas11.dll (needed for PB/Windows Module Library) I've also included the HouseMarque Audiosystem in the DLL section. There is also shown the new Etna (stands for "Easy daTabase Network Access") DLL.


Furthermore I've updated the UserLibs with latest versions and also new ones, e.g. the Irrlicht 3D engine wrapper. And also the Links were updated - e.g. the first russian PB sites are present now.


And finally I've put online the nearly fully to PB v4 converted CodeArchive (the older PB3.93 codes are still available) - a download package will be released, when it's done...

30th October 2006

PureBasic v4 for Linux - first public beta is out!


No news on PureArea.net today, but there are news about PureBasic itself: After several months of work the first public beta version was released. And from what can be heard on the forums it already runs quite well, it even supports Japanese (unicode modus).

PureBasic IDE in Japan

8th October 2006

First PureBasic PDF magazine near to release!


Only some days left - then the first PureBasic magazine can be downloaded: PB.CM is its name. Currently its german only - but if there is enough interest the authors will think about an english version for sure...


There are several more updates on PureArea.net available:

PureBasic Reference Manual is available in its latest version (newer than original PB v4 package) and still also for PB v3.94 - both online and for download. As well the download section in general was updated and the WinAPI32 help guide included.


With the K-NetLib a very powerful dll network package (inluding needed PureBasic include files as well the source) was released as freeware.


You can also get new tutorials about programing with PureBasic.

As well a lot of new and updated UserLibs were released - one highlight of them is the eGrid lib providing a powerful grid control for PureBasic.

Also the Links section was updated (not working links changed/deleted) and also extended with some new links. If you want to be added - just drop me a mail! The Sitemap of PureArea.net is now also up-to-date.


We are making good progress with converting the CodeArchiv to PB v4 - current status report and also a "Help needed!" call (for converting last missing codes) is regularly posted on german forum. Any help is welcome!


PureBasic gets also noticed by the demoscene. Three chapters about "Demo coding with PureBasic" were released lately in the Hugi Scene Mag #32.

17th September 2006

Back from wonderful holidays on my South America trip through

Peru - Bolivia - Chile in July/August 2006!

Sandboarding in the desert of Huacachina (Peru)

Here are some pics

for you...

Volleyball at the beach :o)

Mountain biking in Colca Canyon (Peru)

Karate kid - on salt lake of Uyuni ;-)Climbing on the rocks at Valle de las Rocas

...on top of Pico Austria (5300 metres)


Of course I'm  back in Germany already since middle of August, but I was very busy until now. Especially I'm investing a lot of my spare time into converting the CodeArchiv to PB v4, so a new version should be out in .... weeks. Anyway we can need help, a list of unconverted codes can be read on german forum.


There is a new book about PureBasic available:

"PureBasic - A Beginner's Guide to Computer Programming" got already a lot of positive feedback from PB beginners and advanced coders. With the release of this second (commercial) book about PureBasic I extended the Tutorials section on PureArea.net also with a small book chapter.


In the Developer tools section I present today three new tools: EasySetup, ProgiToDo and PureForm. More updates on PureArea.net should follow soon...

16th July 2006

It's holiday time!


After the great 3rd place of Germany at the Fifa Worldcup 2006 I will go to holidays now.


On the right side you can see one of the destinations - who know it?  ;-)


But before I've updated the Update and History sites to reflect the latest improvements to PureBasic v4 (Windows). Also the changes from older PB version v3.94 are available.


PureBasic v4 for Linux is further progressing, first alpha versions should be available soon. When the first beta versions will be available to registered users I can't say yet.


Today I release also the latest improvements to the PureBasic manual, which where done after the official v4 release in May. You can download CHM manuals here: English (1,1 MB without IDE screenshots), French (2 MB with IDE screenshots), German (2 MB with IDE screenshots). English online manual for PB v4 is available here.


Furthermore I've updated the Userlibs site again - it contains now 218 (!) libs for PureBasic Windows (v4, v3.94 and older), for Linux and more. 


The winners of the PureBasic SummerContest 2006 were elected too: the winner is Remi Meier (will get the USB 300 MB harddrive soon), 2nd place Siegfried Rings (will get a 30 € Amazon voucher) and 3rd place goes to Marc-Sven 'Hroudtwolf' Rudolf (will get a 20 € Amazon voucher). Congratulations!


I will be away on a large holiday trip to South America from 17th July till 13th August. So please remember this, when you don't get a reply within this time. Thanks for your appreciation 

But: as always my father will process all PureBasic & PureVisionXP orders during this time. Be aware of the notes on the order site. Thanks!

18th June 2006

Developer tools and Userlibs for PureBasic v4 (Windows)


Today you find on PureArea.net many useful new and updated developer tools as well userlibs around PureBasic v4. More to come...

12th June 2006

It's soccer time!

The world cup in Germany has started on 9th June!


If you ever wanted to see an actual 

picture of me, look on the right side ;-)


But the work goes on - I'm still working hard on an improved PB v4 help. It will be released very soon here on PureArea.net! (Current status of the german online help can be viewed here - tell me your meaning about the IDE screenshots. Should they also be included in the english help, also when it blows to 2 MByte because of this?)


To reduce the time to wait, I release today a very interesting (I think so) Interview with Berikco, the author of the Visual Designer included in the PB package. Thanks goes to 'Dare2'


Another update on PureArea.net (e.g. with the first new userlibs for PB v4) I will do within the next days...  Stay tuned!

16th May 2006

PureBasic v4 (Windows) released in final version!

After many months of hard work the long awaited, containing a huge set of new features, new version of PureBasic was released on 10th May 2006. The complete News you can read here.


All registered users (becoming the update for free!) have yearning waited for it. Also you as prospective buyer can test PureBasic by downloading the Demoversion and if you like it, order it. (Please not the changed prices.)


At this point I want to spread the word about the PureBasic SommerContest (more informations on the PB forums), for which the deadline is the 22th May 2006. Please send your contest entry to SummerContest@PB-Club.de - you can win valuable prices like an extern 300 GB USB-HardDisk (if there are at least 10 contest entries) as well Amazon vouchers.


By the way ... the price for the winner of the WinterContest 2005/06 could dust DarkDragon (photo of evidence). Congratulations! 


More news and updates of more PureArea.net sites are following soon...

17th April 2006

PureBasic v4 (Windows) near the final release

Like Frédéric Laboureur told, the final release of PureBasic v4 is not far away - registered PureBasic users can already use the tenth beta version.


Because with the new version 4 many older UserLibs will need a rework and a new compilation, I've extended the related UserLibs section on PureArea.net with two new columns: OS and for which PB version a userlib was created. There are already available the first PB4 compatible UserLibs - also the PBOSL Package is available in a first Alpha version for PB v4, more informations in the related Forum thread.


Beside this a visit in the PureArea.net ShowCase is of course worth-while, because dedicated users offer their new tools and games there. As one of them a very good tool, which helps a lot when converting older v3.94 sources to the v4 syntax, is available.

5th March 2006

PureBasic v4 (Windows) goes its way to the "final". Myself I'm working intensively on the (German) documentation.


Therefore I ask for your understanding, that I hadn't the time for updates on www.PureArea.net in the last weeks.


To all registered users, which are already working with the new v4 or maybe still with the previous version v3.94, I want to suggest again the participation on the PureBasic WinterContest 2005/2006.

05th February 2006

PureBasic v4 (Windows) - first Beta is out!

Get it on your personal Download-Account on www.purebasic.com and you will be surprised how much things have been added or improved (Doubles, Quads, Chars, Macros, Unicode, latest OGRE version 1.0.6, importing external .lib files, etc.). You can take a look to the complete Changelog too.


The final version will need several weeks for finishing (beside bug-fixes also creating a manual update to reflect all new/changed functions). There are also several syntax changes to make PureBasic's code more clean and logical. So its strongly recommended to further use a second installation of the current PB3.94, e.g. to finish your existing projects (if you don't want to adapt them to new PB v4).


I've also done an update to the UserLibs section. Please note, that most userlibs (especially the ones created with TailBite) will not work with PB v4. They must be recompiled by their authors first. Also the PBOSL team is currently updating the open-source userlib collection to work with PB v4.


The deadline for sending contributions to the large PureBasic WinterContest 2005/2006 was extended to the first day of spring - the 20th March 2006. So you have the possibility to create your cool contributions already with PureBasic v4 - but hurry to win attractive prices!


Any help to further extend PureWiki - the PureBasic online documentation project from PB users and for PB users - is welcome too.

15th January 2006

Nothing special in the News today - all are waiting for PB v4 .


We have again updates to the large UserLibs section.


Think about adding your PureBasic game or tool to the ShowCase, to show other people your great work. There is also time left to participate in the large PureBasic WinterContest 2005/2006 and win attractice prices - but hurry, on 13th February 2006 will be the last day to send your contribution!

30th December 2005

Bad News: English and German forums are down!

Like you may have already noticed, the forums are not reachable since yesterday. After the work on PureBasic v4 has progressed well until Christmas, Fred is on vacations at his family till 2nd January. Before that date there probably willn't be any re-start of the forums...


Please use the time until then to take a look into the ShowCase. There were added several new projects. But probably you have also the desire to show your tool, game, etc. to the public!?


I wish everyone a happy and sucessful New Year 2006

One highlight for us PB programmers is not far away - the long-awaited version 4 of PureBasic (Windows). An exact release date of the first public beta (for registered users only) wasn't announced, but the alpha versions are already succesfully in use at several testers...


Finally on 22nd December we could welcome the fifty-thousand visitor on english pages of PureArea.net after almost two years online. Big thanks for the mostly positive feedback I got during this time...

You're welcome to write something in my guestbook. Thanks!

18th December 2005

Merry Christmas to all PureBasic users out there!

I release a new Contest site on PureArea.net showing you the latest news of PureBasic programming contests. More news will follow soon, as the WinterContest 2005/2006 will start within a few days....

PureArea.net website statistics!

Because I was asked several times now, how many visitors or traffic PureArea.net have, I publish today some actual traffic & hits statistics (6/2003 - 11/2005).


The PureWiki got its own button in the left frame so you can find it easier than now. Everyone is invited to join the large PureBasic online documentation project.


There is a new Tutorial link available and the UserLibs and Links sections were updated.


As several people asked me in the past how they can donate something for all the help they got on PureArea.net I've added a "PayPal Donate" button in the left frame. Donations will be used for the costs of running the website as well for supporting PB developers or supporting programming contests with prices.

20th November 2005

Today we have "only" a smaller update on PureArea.net - now we offer 174 UserLibs in their latest versions for downloading.

23rd October 2005

Large Interview with Frédéric Laboureur released. You ever wanted to know more about the man behind PureBasic? Then read the exclusive Interview, for which Frédéric was so kind to answer me a lot of interesting questions about himself and the past and future of PureBasic.


PureBasic in the press! A PureBasic report was released in the most major Japanese programming magazine this month.


After the release of the new PureBasic MacOS X version I've now also updated the Download, Update and History pages on PureArea.net. Further updates done on PureArea.net: new developer tools are presented in the DevTools section, updated UserLibs are available and also Contact page and SiteMap were updated. Have fun!


PS: There was a downtime problem of PureArea.net today and yesterday - it was related to the hoster and should be solved for the future.

3rd October 2005

The work on PureBasic v4.0 has started!

After v3.94 of PureBasic for Linux (News and Download) appeared in between, now also the official release of the first final MacOS version is still to come. After that Fred will spend his time very intensive on the long-awaited version 4 of PureBasic.


While the english sites on PureArea.net await the 50,000 visitor soon, there has happened a lot in the PureBasic community: new and updated UserLibs (now already 168 !!!) were released (included also some highlights like Epyx new FX lib with Amiga demo effects as well updates to the PBOSL package), for the PB IDE v3.94 (Windows) there is available now a Swiss-german catalog by Rico 'GreenSnake' Beti, in the ShowCase were added a lot new tools & games and also the PureWiki project is growing well.


I have uploaded all updated codes included in the CodeArchive Preview also into the CodeArchive, so they are already available online till the release of the final v2.0.


Furthermore the Reference manual for PureBasic v3.94 in its latest revision was uploaded and also the Links section was extended again.


More interesting news should follow soon....

23rd August 2005

The final PureBasic version v3.94 for Windows was released last week. Its special highlights are the new IDE and the new debugger, which are also included in the Linux and MacOS versions of PureBasic. Download in your personal Download-Account...

Screenshot of

MacOS X version


At the same time I say goodbye for the next 2 weeks, when I will take a break in my vacations in Andalusia.  


So please be a bit patient, if you don't hear from me within a few days.


Updates on PureArea.net will be available again after the 8th Sep. 2005.

31st July 2005

Many incredible News around PureBasic!

After a longer break - I had again much stress at work, have celebrated my 30th birthday and have enjoyed a great REM concert in Dresden - today there is a new update on PureArea.net.


The version v3.94 of PureBasic is near to the final release - and this not only for Windows, as well for Linux and for the first time in a public MacOS version! In only some weeks it should be ready - until then: the latest beta versions you can grab in your personal Download-Account...


The CodeArchiv v2.0 is available in a preview version together with the new C.A.V. tool - look, read & test in the ShowCase.


The new PBOSL package (PureBasic OpenSource Libraries) is online now. This package contains many famous and also new command libraries by Danilo, Rings and other authors, which are now freely available according to the GPL licence. The libs can now be improved or ported to other PureBasic platforms by the community. Notice the PureArea.net site pbosl.purearea.net


Because of this also the UserLibs section was updated, because many libs are now part of the PBOSL package. Also the Links to PureBasic related sites were extended again and there is a new ASM Tutorial.


Furthermore with "Programming 2D scrolling games" the first commercial book about programming with PureBasic was released.


And finally the PureBasic Documentation Project was brought together. It is writing on a PureBasic UserGuide in the stil of the Wikipedia. If you want help - interested people (which probably also want to do other language conversions) can contact me!

10th June 2005

Now there are 149 UserLibs in their latest release available on PureArea.net. More news to be announced soon...

22th May 2005

New PureBasic versions for Linux and MacOS soon!

In your personal Download-Account you can get new Beta versions of the v3.93 for Linux (forum-thread) and MacOS (forum-thread). For the first time the Linux version contains the new IDE and a powerful debugger, both will hopefully be implemented into the other PureBasic versions soon. Also from the VisualDesigner there is available a little bugfix update to the final version v3.92 - but this one will not be continued, Berikco is creating a complete new VD.


Today the Links section was completely reworked and extended - with now more than 150 links around PureBasic this should be the largest collection of the world on PureArea.net...

Also the Tutorials and UserLibs have got an update.

16th May 2005

Some small updates on PureArea.net today:

You can get new and updated UserLibs, the developer section was also updated with latest stable version of El Choni's TailBite and several useful tools of 'gnozal'.

5th May 2005

The PureBasic forums have moved!

Frederic has changed the service provider because of the many problems lately. Currently the german and the english forum are reachable under the following links:

http://forums.purebasic.com               (English)

http://forums.purebasic.com/german/   (German)


More news on PureArea.net soon...

31st March 2005

PureVisionXP now also available in Germany/Europe!

Because of a cooperation with ReelMedia Productions I can now offer - beside PureBasic - also this professional GUI designer for only 25 Euro. More informations here!

6th March 2005

Since several days the new PureBasic v3.93 version for Windows is available, download in your personal account on www.purebasic.com (all the news about the update you find here).

Since today we offer 125 UserLibs - all in their latest available version! Please note, that with PureBasic 3.93 some internal changes was done, so that UserLib done with TailBite must probably recompiled with latest PB 3.93.

Yesterday we reached 30,000 visitors on the english sites of PureArea.net since the start on 29-Aug-2003, actually already more than 70 visitors per day...  

13th February 2005

Smaller update of PureArea.net: there are new or updated UserLibs, as well the Links and Tutorials were updated.

30th January 2005

PureBasic v3.92 (final) for Linux was released, download in your personal account on www.purebasic.com.

There are fabulous 114 UserLibs available now, including new ones for playing OggVorbis music files (inkl. streaming), AutoIt v3, the Irrlicht3D engine or userlibs for handling of COM objects.

The updated Links are now also containing another possibility for easy online sharing of PB codes with PureBasic SCD. With Scattles a promising beat'em up is in development.

The Showcase reached today its first 5000 visitors since start on 17-Nov-2004. Please participate regularly, with showing new projects as well voting and commenting of them.

23rd January 2005

PureBasic for Linux was released in a new beta version of upcoming v3.92. News about this in the english forum.

Because of a training course I'm not reachable from 01/24 - 01/28/2005 - please be patient, if a reply to your mail need a bit longer than else.

9th January 2005

Happy and healthy New Year 2005 to all PureBasic users!

Today you can download new and updated UserLibs, there are also more Links and Tutorials available.

To reduce the time waiting for the new CodeArchive a bit, you can see three screenshots of C.A.V. - the offline browser "CodeArchivViewer" here:


Please also help the tsunami victims in South Asia and the other dishonoured people of the world! - Unicef, the children relief organization of the United Nations

21st December 2004

More UserLibs were released in new versions, with MiniFMod by 'traumatic' you can now also get a PB3.92 compatible version of the compact XM-Sound-System.

If you are able to help with creating more localizations (beside english & german) for the Showcase and the coming new release of the CodeArchive (a beta version is probably available around end of year) please contact me at andre@purearea.net. Thanks!

 8th December 2004

The UserLibs have broken a little barrier, there are 102 releases available now. And as always you get the latest actual versions on PureArea.net.

Also the Links to PureBasic user sites have been expanded again.

28th November 2004

While creating a localized version of the Showcase is still in progress and also the new CodeArchive is in its last stages, I have done several updates to the PureArea.net sites.

The News were splitted (older News are available separately), a new section DLL+Tools was extracted from the former project sites, the Contacts page was extended, a SiteMap added, as well several new UserLibs and an updated version of the SQL tutorial. The Links were updated and especially extended with french users. And finally the Manual for PureBasic v3.92 is now online, which will be available for download after several more extensions + corrections as .chm file in the next weeks.

 17th November 2004

The PureArea.net Showcase is online now in its first version.

Thanks to Epyx for his great work on this we start already now with the german Showcase, which isn't localized yet. But feel free to register your account already now and become part of the active PureArea.net users.


Localization will come in a short time, more news on english PureArea.net sites next week.

25. October 2004

PureBasic v3.92 for Windows was released. Download of the update in your personal account. More about the contents you can read here.

 26th September 2004

As a small intermediate update before the bigger 'News', today there are again new or updated UserLibs as well an update of the PureBasic SQL Tutorial.

Today we reached 20,000 visitors since start of the english PureArea.net pages on 28th September 2003.

12th September 2004

I'm back from wonderful holidays.


Today were updated the UserLibs and extended the Links sections. More great additions to this website are on their way for coming weeks...

20th August 2004

Just a short notice, so that no-one misses me or gets impatient, if an answer needs a bit longer:

I'm at holidays from 21st August 2004 till 7th September 2004.


Unfortunately the new release of the CodeArchive isn't ready yet, but it will be released in september (incl. "CAV" - the CodeArchiveViewer), promised!


Today I have put online the latest versions of the UserLibs FastFile, FMod and miniFmod.

18th July 2004

PureBasic v3.91 for Linux was released. Get it in your secured download account.

Today the UserLibs and Links were updated and there are new and updated releases in the Application and Game sections. If you want to promote your own programs, games, developer tools, etc. on PureArea.net simply write me a mail.

4th July 2004

The final PureBasic v3.91 (Windows) version was released. Read more on the Update page. If not already registered try the demo and register here.

Important notice: from now on you can get the updates/full versions only at your secure download account, you should have got the login informations for. If not, write to the PB Support, where you've ordered your full version.

27th June 2004

The UserLibs section was updated with all the latest releases of PB coders. Also the Links were updated...

23rd May 2004

Several updates to the UserLibs as well the DLLs, Developer-Tools and Tutorials were done. There will be released new programs and games next days and also the long awaited new release of the CodeArchive is (hopefully) not far away. But please note: from 30th May until 6th June I will be at vacation.

2nd May 2004

Many hardworking library coders released new or updated user libraries. So you will find now already 70 (!) UserLibs on PureArea.net!

25th April 2004

New version of Danilo's PureTools and more new/updated UserLibs are available. You can get TailBite in a new version and there was also released the ZX Sound System.

12th April 2004

The new PureBasic 3.90 is out! Read more about the improvements on the Update page. Get your update now! If not already registered try the demo and register here.

26th March 2004

The Projects section was splitted into its five sub-areas (because of its large size) and extended with new DLL, developer tools, applications and games. Two new UserLibs and an Online-Tutorial were added as well the Links completely reworked.

9th March 2004

With TailBite 1.0 its possible to create your own PureBasic userlibs with 'pure' PureBasic. Look at the developer section of the Projects.

7th March 2004

You will find new games & demos (e.g. the 3D game UFO OnSlaught), new and updated applications and a new entry in the showcase in the Projects section. In the meantime with the RegExpEx library was also released the first UserLib for PureBasic-Linux. Furthermore there are new and updated Links.

10th February 2004

There are some new and updated User-Libs as well a new Tutorial about event-handling with PureBasic (german only).

20th January 2004

The CodeArchive in version 1.8 now offers 1302 (!!) example codes for PureBasic. Newest PB-Constants v3.81 are available for download. Beside other news and updates in the Projects section there are also a new UserLib as well two fantastic OpenGL-Demo by Traumatic! But that's still not all: PureArea.net now have a Search-Function, which you can use to search the website contents and especially the CodeArchive.

A big Thank you to Benny Schütz (PHP programming), Denis (french translation) as well Florian 'Deu.exe' Fischer and Erik 'Papillion' Fröhlich (help at german CodeArchive descriptions).

4th Janury 2004

PureBasic v3.81 for Linux* was released on 1st January 2004. On PureArea.net there are many new games and applications as well a new DLL, providing EyeToy functions with PB, in the Projects section. Additionally there were released new and updated User-Libs.

(* The new full version can be ordered by all registered users at the support, where you registered PureBasic.)

21st December 2003

There are news in many sections: new User-Libs and Tutorials, more Links, new tools, applications and games in the Projects, Online-Manual in latest revision, and additionally now also as extra Download.

9th December 2003

PureBasic v3.81 released. Added some games to the Projects page, two updated User-Libs and some more Links.

1st December 2003

The Code-Archive in version 1.7 reaches already fantastic 1090 (!!) PureBasic example codes. I would also be happy about many nice entries in the new Guestbook.

23rd November 2003

Added the Projects page - look at the amazing world of PureBasic Dll's, developer-tools, applications & games! Updated also the Links & Tutorials sections.

16th November 2003

With the release of a new userlib (APM) the User-Libs page was converted to PHP. The table could now be sorted after name, version, date, author & size by simply clicking on the column header. Big Thanks to Benny for his help!

1st November 2003

The largest update in the present history of PureArea.net:

(Sorry, the projects & glossary pages need time for translating, you can take a look at the german projects page in the meanwhile, if you like.)

19th October 2003

Several new or updated User-Libs released.

28th September 2003

English section of www.purearea.net goes online.

The Code-Archive is available now already in version 1.5 with exactly 800 example codes. Missing pages Manual, Projects & Glossary will be available with the next larger website update. (If you find grammar & spelling errors on the website feel free to tell me at andre@purearea.net - Thank you!)

15th June 2003

First version of the PureBasic-CodeArchive released.