27th Dec. 2023

PureBasic v6.04 LTS released and first beta version of PureBasic v6.10 (Xmas release)

Some days ago another bug-fix release was released, mainly to avoid possible DLL-injection at PB executables for Windows and solving several more MacOS bugs. See more here on this PB forum thread

Fred and fr34k had another Xmas surprise for all registered users (downloadable in their personal account on the first beta version of the up-coming new release - with many new features, to name only a few: new WebViewGadget, CustomSort functions, SVG and PDF vector output for all OS, listicon improvements, new Date functions, etc. - see the full list in the related PB forum thread.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year 2024!
30th Oct. 2023

PureBasic v6.03 LTS released

Some days ago a bug-fix release was released, fixing hundreds of reported issues and improving the PB documentation. See more here on this PB forum thread.
Now Fred will focus on the next feature release...

If you encounter problems with special characters in PB IDE or compiler messages, you can here download a fixed PB-Catalogs package (all languages, just copy into your PB folder).
10th March 2023

PureBasic v6.01 LTS + SpiderBasic 2.40 released / CodeArchivViewer (C.A.V.) sources released

With many bug-fixes and other optimizations (e.g. new C-compiler) the version 6.01 of PureBasic was just released. For more details see PB-Forum thread!

Like promised Fred has worked on the further development of SpiderBasic too - so the new Version 2.40 was released in Nov. 2022.

Unfortunately, it's nothing new that I don't have the time for or my own PB development. That's why the PureBasic-CodeArchiv available here on hasn't been updated for a long time. However, I would like to fulfil a request from the PB community - so today I'm releasing the source code of the "C.A.V." (the CodeArchiv viewer tool)  under the MIT license. Download:
This source codes for PB4.40 are even newer than the C.A.V. tool included in the CodeArchive. I would be happy about a further development - gladly again here for download for the PB community!

28th June 2022

PureBasic v6.00 final version available

Now it was finally released - the long awaited new PureBasic version smile Here it is what Fred says about it in the related PB forum post: "It's been a long journey, more than a year and half to create the update, but the support of new processors (and new OS), the upgrade of some core libraries, many bug fixes and new features included will make it worthwhile ! Thanks a lot for your patience, and looking forward for future versions !" - more details you find in the updated Download, Update and History pages on

As Fred told us, now the longer break of developing  SpiderBasic is over and Fred will concentrate again on updating PureBasic's sister product too!

Updates for PureBasic are still free for registered users - new licences can also be bought from me directly.
3rd Jan. 2022

PureBasic v6.00 beta available

After a few months in alpha status, the first beta version of the new PureBasic version is available now (for all registered users).

And indeed - with the new function of C code generation that now exists in addition to the ASM output, there are further possibilities: PureBasic runs for the first time on Raspberry PI and there is a MacOS M1 (arm64) version too! The optional C backend is available for all known compilers (x86/x64) and much more...

Read more in the related PB forum post!
15th March 2021

PureBasic evolves and will get a C backend!

You probably missed some more updates on PureBasic during the last year... but on some days ago the PB team released a big surprise on its PureBasic Team Blog describing what's happening 'behind the scenes' and for what a lot of time has been invested the last few months: PureBasic will get a C back-end, which means the PB compiler will create C code (instead of assembler) and will use modern C compilers to finally create fast and optimized executables. And best of all - this will allow easier support of further platforms like the ARM architecture! Stay tuned - and read more in the related PB forum post


Myself I'm still very busy, doing slowly progress on my 'GeoWorld' project...
Projekt 'GeoWorld v2' - Religion windows
Here's another GeoWorld screenshot: completed information and selection windows regarding the 'Religions of the World'
On the other side there are several talented programmers creating cool tools or even games with and for PureBasic.

Here are a few:
- EditorFactory (object management in a canvas)
- Animatoon (2D painter)
- IceDesign (GUI designer)
- Lizard (script language)
- GFX_Wizzard_BF (extensive GFX module with latest additions like crypter, game counter / odometer)
- Thorin's Quest (game)


26th Nov. 2020

PureBasic v5.73 released

After several months - while Fred is also developing SpiderBasic (and probably some new 'When it's done' features) - a new PureBasic update was released.

No new functions, but many bug-fixes dedicated to the PB compiler, libraries and the IDE. See more in the PB forum post!

Myself I'm still investing all me free time into my own PB project - several older screenshots you can see below. Stay tuned and healthy!
18th Apr. 2020

PureBasic v5.72 released

Including first contributions to the 'OpenSource' PB IDE from the community, some adapted functions and updated libraries, but mostly many many bug-fixes two weeks ago the final version of PB5.72 was released (see PB forum post). The new PureBasic Homepage (including full french/german localization) was updated too.


Combining several of his great PB modules and a new editor brought 'EasyHelp' from 'Thorsten1867' to us: a powerful help system (cross-platform Windows + MacOS) based on MarkDown language and similar to CHM with PDF/Html export, which I help testing as I want to use it for my project too...
(see screenshot on the right)
Projekt 'GeoWorld v2' - Help, made by EasyHelp


Furthermore I want to suggest a new PureBasic Blog by the user who already made a great series of PureBasic videos (see next News post).
3rd Jan. 2020

Happy New Year 2020! PureBasic v5.71 and SpiderBasic v2.30 released

In November Fred released the version 2.30 of the "PB sister language" SpiderBasic for web and mobile app development (new functions see News message). Furthermore the bugfix version 5.71 of PureBasic was released and the PureBasic Homepage got a more modern outfit (unfortunately the french/german localization is still missing - and also if not listed there at the moment, PureBasic and SpiderBasic licences can still be bought from me... just see the Order site and [german] FAQ overview auf


In order to be able to concentrate fully on the "core" of PureBasic (e.g. compiler + libraries) and at the same time to allow the community to participate in the further development, Fred launched the "PureBasic OpenSource Projects" and in a first step the source code of the PureBasic IDE was released (see PB forum post).


With 'Thorsten1867' there is a very hardworking PB programmer, who releases mostly cross-platform and DPI compatible modules with useful extensions / alternatives for PB gadgets and more - see related Overview in PB forum post). There were new tutorial releases in the YouTube videos too.

Unfortunately nothing else has changed on - I simply don't have the time. GeoWorld LoadingScreen v0.74 (MacOS)
Beside that I'm slowly reaching the finishing line for a first public beta version of my own PB project (in German + English, on Windows and MacOS)... GeoWorld LoadingScreen v0.74 (MacOS)
1st Feb. 2019

ScaleGadgets & GFX_Wizzard modules work together - BGames released 'Lethal Judgement' series & more as freeware now

Like before I present today two PB modules, dedicated to GFX effects and GUI creation, both completely free and with source. When it comes to scaling windows and gadgets (including its content like images and text displays) they are able to work together now - ScaleGadgets by 'mk-soft' and the "Gadgets_BF" in the GFX_Wizzard package by 'walbus'.


Latest version of the GFX_Wizzard package (12.8 MByte)
Read here the orginal announcement of Werner 'walbus' Albus:
"I am pleased to announce that the outstanding ScaleGadgets module from mk-soft can now work with the GFX_Wizzard_BF.

It is now possible to use the extended Gadgets_BF without restrictions and easy to use with this module together with all PB Gadgets.
Michael (mk-soft) and I were able to realize this together within a very short time.

Not only the result of the cooperation of two coders, but also the possibility of easy data exchange and cooperation between the modules is shown.

The demo code can be found in the GFX_Wizzard_BF archive under the name _ScaleGadgets.pb."

The 'BGames' team released several PB games made with PureBasic like the famous 'Lethal Judgement' series as freeware now - preview pics and download see here (french).

Due to the lack of free time there aren't more 'News' here...

But you can take another look at my up-coming PB project here:

GeoWorld VicinitySearch
11th Jan. 2019

PureBasic v5.70 "final" released

Last week Fred released the final version of PB5.70. So all the new functions (metioned below) are now available to all registered users and to interested people (demo-version) too. In addition to the original PB5.70 download archive you can download the latest "PureBasic.chm" help file here.

The latest version of the GFX_Wizzard package (12.7 MByte) adapted to PB5.70 is available as well.
16th Nov. 2018

PureBasic v5.70 reached Beta2 + update for the GFX_Wizzard package available on

Some weeks ago Fred released a 2nd beta version of the upcoming next PB version (available to all registered users). It does include not only bug-fixes, but amazing improvements too: MySQL and MariaDB support (sponsored by Paul, the PureVisionXP creator) and HttpRequest for easily calling the 'rest' API (sponsored by c-wayne).

And fresh out of the box we have a new version of the GFX_Wizzard package (12.6 MByte) available today: Werner Albus contributed an update, bringing several improvements - especially a new powerful MessageRequester with a lot of possibilities:
MessageRequester_BF 1

MessageRequester_BF 2

MessageRequester_BF 3

MessageRequester_BF 4
  • Arbitrary large buttons with arbitrary text, both with any font and font size
  • Text with Linear Gradient support
  • Centered text (internally adjustable to left, right, RTL)
  • Freely scalable images and GIF can be inserted and freely positioned in the text area
  • Animated GIF with and without invisible color
  • Images and animated GIF as text background
  • Colorable background and text area
  • Automatic adaption of the  MessageRequesters according to the used font and font size
  • Alpha channel support & Alpha blending
  • Automatic GIF detection, Alpha channel detection and  Animation support
10th June 2018

First beta of PureBasic v5.70 released + new Privacy policy on

Last week Fred released the first beta version of PB5.70. To their most important innovations belong the support of the "Qt" sub-system on Linux, "DPI aware" support on Windows and many new 3D commands (OGRE). More informations and the complete list of functions in the related thread of the English PB forum.

On our own behalf: We take your privacy very seriously! This means, that the use of does not collect any* personal information about you. For all customers of PureBasic, SpiderBasic or PureVisionXP licences, the data storage is limited to the bare essentials, namely the order data required to register and provide the full versions.

*Find out more in our privacy policy.

11th May 2018

GFX Wizzard BF now hosted on - PureBasic 5.70 on the way and PureVisionXP extension for SpiderBasic available!


BF Screenshot 1
I'm proud to announce, that the awesome GFX package for PureBasic "GFX_Wizzard_BF" by Werner 'walbus' Albus is now available on
While it was continuously developed during the last 1.5 years, it's now finished for the current PB5.62 versions.

It has an impressive function set (completely coded in PB itself!) - just to name a few:
BF Screenshot 2
  • hundreds of functions to create fantastic GFX effects, sprites with alpha-blending, flicker-free animations (also on Canvas gadgets)
  • enhanced GIF handling functions
  • output the graphics whereever you want (Canvas, Image, Sprite, Screen)
  • use and combine functions for rotating, mirroring, recoloring,  texturing,  resizing, scrolling, etc.
  • powerful Sprite editor tool
  • create Sprite and CSS sheets
  • all available as PB module (source-code), with many examples, running on all three OS (Win, MacOS, Linux)
BF Screenshot 3 Download:

PB Forum Thread: GFX_Wizzard_BF - [Modules - All OS]

While PureBasic currently stays at version 5.62 (latest feature set of v5.60 and following bug-fixes) and PB's sister product for mobile development SpiderBasic reached version 2.2 now, rumours say that a new PB version is on the way. I can't tell you, when PB5.70 will arrive (you know: "when it's done..."), but stay tuned... :-)


The professional GUI designer PureVisionXP is also regularly updated by ReelMedia and just got a new extension module to create SpiderBasic GUI's too. Like all SpiderBasic and PureBasic versions (including business and eductional licences) you can order it here - just take a look on my updated order site!

My own project (working title 'GeoWorld') grows well, I invest all my free time and hope to have a first beta later this year. Stay tuned!

On the right you can see an updated screenshot of the loading screen...

GeoWorld Loading screen v0.60
GeoWorldEditor MapLocator

And here another view on my self-written editor tool...
(all done in PureBasic)

19th January 2018

PureBasic 20th Anniversary & new version 2.2 of SpiderBasic


PureBasic recently celebrated a great anniversary - 20 years of continuous development & always free updates! Read more in the PureBasic-Teamblog!


While we could only speculate about the improvements of the next PureBasic for now (see Fred's famous saying 'When it's done...'), occur bug-fix updates on the current versions at this time - currently there are v5.62 and v.5.46 LTS.


The sister product SpiderBasic reached the version 2.20 with many improvements (many new libraries and InApp Purchase Support).


It's not the time yet for a beta release, but my own PureBasic project 'GeoWorld' (cross-platform for Windows and MacOS!) is also progressing well. For the creation of the GFX effects the PureBasic graphics package "BucketFill advanced" served well - for more informations and source code see the topic in english PB forum.


GeoWorld - Intro / loading
screen on  MacOS
GeoWorld - Intro MacOS
GeoWorld - Städte-Info MacOS GeoWorld - country/city info with
picture preview on MacOS
GeoWorld - Intro / loading
screen on Windows

GeoWorld - Intro MacOS


My remaining time I put completely in 'GeoWorld' (working title) - so there will be not much news here in the next time, sorry!


The ordering support für PureBasic & SpiderBasic and PureVisionXP continues as usual of course :)
17th March 2017

PureBasic 5.60 and 5.51/5.44 LTS released -

sister product SpiderBasic v2 available!


While SpiderBasic is already available since December in the massively extended version 2.00 (e.g. now with iOS and Android app support!), also PureBasic got several updates during last months.


In the new version 5.60 many, partly already long time existing, user wishes were fulfilled. See the complete  'News' announcement or in the updated Online-manual.


The fact, that you can easily realize your own projects with PureBasic, I want to show you with the following screenshots of my 'GeoWorld' (working title) project. This one takes my  entire free time and it should be released this year in a first (beta-) version if possible:

GeoWorld - Infofenster und Länderinfo GeoWorld - About window &
Country info with flag
GeoWorld - Country &
Car signs
GeoWorld - Autokennzeichen
GeoWorld - Städteinfo mit Bildern
GeoWorld - City info
with pictures
GeoWorld on MacOS - Recordlists & City info GeoWorld - Rekordliste MacOS


Me and many others benefit at this purposes from the help of the active PureBasic community. Here I would like to present three 'includes', which are very useful for me in GeoWorld or related tools:
- PBMap - OpenStreetMap in a CanvasGadget
- DynamicDialogs - easy creating of dialogs/GUIs
- VectorIcons - create vector-based icons 'on-the-fly'


The purchase of PureBasic licences (as well PureVision and SpiderBasic) is possible unchanged, on request also via PayPal - pay attention to the informations here!
30th October 2016

PureBasic 5.50 and 5.43 LTS released - sister product SpiderBasic nearly reaches v2!


Not much news on due to my on-going problem with very limited time and concentration on my own PureBasic project "GeoWorld" (working title, may change due to licence rights later...). Of course I'm still selling PureBasic licences (PureVision and SpiderBasic too) - so the informations here are still valid!


PureBasic itself is of course still alive and reached the v5.50 this year. While the 3D side was improved again (e.g. with a Vehicle library), it got several further improvements, and the most important change: PureBasic is now "Unicode-only" with PB5.50+


Starting with this version PureBasic always compiles source code into Unicode programs.


Myself I switched my project development into Unicode mode too - and it was easier than I thought, and now my project can display special chars with ease


If you want to stay with ASCII development you can still use the LTS version of PureBasic, which was updated (only bug-fixes, no new functions) to v5.43.


For creating well-designed and flexible GUI's in PureBasic I strongly suggest PB's dialog library and the free DynamicDialogs framework. What can be done with it, you can see here (very complex editor for my project).

Currently Fred is concentrating on finishing the v2.0 of PureBasic's sister product SpiderBasic - making possible powerful web development.  

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