19th January 2018

PureBasic 20th Anniversary & new version 2.2 of SpiderBasic


PureBasic recently celebrated a great anniversary - 20 years of continuous development & always free updates! Read more in the PureBasic-Teamblog!


While we could only speculate about the improvements of the next PureBasic for now (see Fred's famous saying 'When it's done...'), occur bug-fix updates on the current versions at this time - currently there are v5.62 and v.5.46 LTS.


The sister product SpiderBasic reached the version 2.20 with many improvements (many new libraries and InApp Purchase Support).


It's not the time yet for a beta release, but my own PureBasic project 'GeoWorld' (cross-platform for Windows and MacOS!) is also progressing well. For the creation of the GFX effects the PureBasic graphics package "BucketFill advanced" served well - for more informations and source code see the topic in english PB forum.


GeoWorld - Intro / loading
screen on  MacOS
GeoWorld - Intro MacOS
GeoWorld - Städte-Info MacOS GeoWorld - country/city info with
picture preview on MacOS
GeoWorld - Intro / loading
screen on Windows

GeoWorld - Intro MacOS


My remaining time I put completely in 'GeoWorld' (working title) - so there will be not much news here in the next time, sorry!


The ordering support für PureBasic & SpiderBasic and PureVisionXP continues as usual of course :)
17th March 2017

PureBasic 5.60 and 5.51/5.44 LTS released -

sister product SpiderBasic v2 available!


While SpiderBasic is already available since December in the massively extended version 2.00 (e.g. now with iOS and Android app support!), also PureBasic got several updates during last months.


In the new version 5.60 many, partly already long time existing, user wishes were fulfilled. See the complete  'News' announcement or in the updated Online-manual.


The fact, that you can easily realize your own projects with PureBasic, I want to show you with the following screenshots of my 'GeoWorld' (working title) project. This one takes my  entire free time and it should be released this year in a first (beta-) version if possible:

GeoWorld - Infofenster und Länderinfo GeoWorld - About window &
Country info with flag
GeoWorld - Country &
Car signs
GeoWorld - Autokennzeichen
GeoWorld - Städteinfo mit Bildern
GeoWorld - City info
with pictures
GeoWorld on MacOS - Recordlists & City info GeoWorld - Rekordliste MacOS


Me and many others benefit at this purposes from the help of the active PureBasic community. Here I would like to present three 'includes', which are very useful for me in GeoWorld or related tools:
- PBMap - OpenStreetMap in a CanvasGadget
- DynamicDialogs - easy creating of dialogs/GUIs
- VectorIcons - create vector-based icons 'on-the-fly'


The purchase of PureBasic licences (as well PureVision and SpiderBasic) is possible unchanged, on request also via PayPal - pay attention to the informations here!
30th October 2016

PureBasic 5.50 and 5.43 LTS released - sister product SpiderBasic nearly reaches v2!


Not much news on due to my on-going problem with very limited time and concentration on my own PureBasic project "GeoWorld" (working title, may change due to licence rights later...). Of course I'm still selling PureBasic licences (PureVision and SpiderBasic too) - so the informations here are still valid!


PureBasic itself is of course still alive and reached the v5.50 this year. While the 3D side was improved again (e.g. with a Vehicle library), it got several further improvements, and the most important change: PureBasic is now "Unicode-only" with PB5.50+


Starting with this version PureBasic always compiles source code into Unicode programs.


Myself I switched my project development into Unicode mode too - and it was easier than I thought, and now my project can display special chars with ease


If you want to stay with ASCII development you can still use the LTS version of PureBasic, which was updated (only bug-fixes, no new functions) to v5.43.


For creating well-designed and flexible GUI's in PureBasic I strongly suggest PB's dialog library and the free DynamicDialogs framework. What can be done with it, you can see here (very complex editor for my project).

Currently Fred is concentrating on finishing the v2.0 of PureBasic's sister product SpiderBasic - making possible powerful web development.  

4th January 2016

New interview with Fred and freak about PureBasic & SpiderBasic


Happy New Year 2016, folks!


While right before Christmas the bug-fixed and slightly improved LTS version of PureBasic 5.41 was released, and SpiderBasic has reached now the v1.10, I think it's time for a little surprice...


Here it is: Matching the 15th anniversary of PureBasic in 2015 Fred and freak agreed for an interview about their current private life, and their thoughts about the past and future PureBasic (and SpiderBasic) development. We took the time around Christmas, and I hope you enjoy reading an interesting and informative interview!


Get your PureBasic or SpiderBasic licence if you don't have yet!

28th October 2015

PureBasic 5.40 released  - many great improvements!


While Fred released this year the new PureBasic-"sister product" SpiderBasic for web client development (for which a licence at the price of 49 Euro can also be ordered at me), during the last months the full force of the PureBasic team lay on the further development of PureBasic.


And the result is impressive: a lot of new commands (e.g. new Database commands, a completely new VectorDrawing library) and new functions (HTTPS support, additional encryption algorithms, creating 7z archives, etc.) brought a lot of positive reactions from the PB-community to the team.


The complete list of the innovations can be found in the History! See also the updated Update- and Download-sites. Furthermore the latest Online-Manual for PB 5.40+ is available - this is also available as download here.


grows and thrives...

Animated VectorDrawing


OpenGL 3D Demo

OpenGL 3D Demo


The version 5.40 is again a so-called LTS-version, which will be maintained for 2 years (without changes to functionality / syntax) through 5.4x bug-fix releases. New commands / functions are reserved to parallel appearing new versions (v5.50 ff.). And like always free for registered users!


Who still does not have a licence for a full-version, can order it fast and easy about me (order-site + german FAQ-sites).

20th March 2015

SpiderBasic 1.00 released - Further development of PureBasic


While Fred released bug-fixed versions of his actual PureBasic (v5.31) as well the LTS version (v5.24) with "frozen" command-set for the further development of older projects in Autumn 2014, he spent the last months intensively for finishing his new - with PureBasic related - project SpiderBasic.


SpiderBasic is intended for the creation of modern Javascript-based web-applications and has a syntax similar to PureBasic. It allows the easy development of GUI applications and 2D games for the web.


More on

SpiderBasic examples

SpiderBasic Gadgets

SpiderBasic Gadgets...

SpiderBasic - 2D Drawing...


For all registered PureBasic users the free access to the latest SpiderBasic versions was extended in the personal download account until mid-2015. The single-user licence costs 49 Euro - ordering generally online directly about Fred, about me (e.g. by bank-transfer like PureBasic) please ask!


After the release of the first "final" SpiderBasic version, which will of course be bug-fixed and further developed, Fred will now intensively develop the next PureBasic version. Let us surprise us - "when it's done..."

28th July 2014

PureBasic v5.30 final version released


After a longer beta-test phase the final version was released last week. PureBasic was further improved with new functions, e.g. a now fully unicode-compatible IDE, an 'Issue' tool (creates automatically 'ToDo' lists with functions to add or bugs to remove from special comments in the sourcecode), a complete new JSON library for data handling or the OpenGL gadget for easy including of OpenGL compatible 3D commands in a window area. For the complete list see the History!


See also the updated Update- and Download pages. Furthermore there is available the most up-to-date Online manual for PB 5.30+ - this one is available also as download here


A word about the (starting with the v5.20) newly introduced LTS versions (LTS = "Long-time service"): Here the v5.20 will be updated with bug-fixes for 2 years, which don't change the function-set or the syntax. These versions will be released as v5.2x, next time the v5.23 LTS. At the same time PB is further developed, as the above mentioned new version 5.30 shows.


All versions you can access for free with your one-time paid full-version licence (for all supported OS) on your download account! Just get your full-version licence!

18th September 2013

PureBasic v5.20 final (LTS) released


Fantasie Software released an absolutely great update of the PureBasic package yesterday. After a longer beta-test phase this new version brings a long list of great additions - only some examples: new Module support

(allowing name-spaces in PureBasic sources), new Dialog and Runtime libraries (allowing easier GUI creation using an XML description with automatic resizing...), BindEvent support (attach procedures directly to specific GUI events), GTK3 on Linux, DirectX 11 on Windows, many improvements to 2D and 3D graphics, etc. - see the complete list in the History!

GUI creation using the new Dialog library (using XML-based definition)


Furthermore a new service was introduced with this new version: "LTS" means "Long-time service" - for 2 years (until 17th Sept. 2015) the v5.20 will stay with its current functionality and syntax, but bug-fixes will be done for this version. In the meantime PureBasic evolves further and new versions (PB 5.30...) including this bug-fixes, but also new functions, probably (small!) syntax changes, etc. will be released. So everyone can use what he like - probably stay with PB5.20 LTS for maintaining his actual project, and use future PB versions for new projects...


And best of all - you buy the full-version licence once, but you will get every update and every new version (for all supported OS) for free!! Get your full version licence now!


You should also take a look to the PureBasic Blog. There Fred and freak released interesting articles about API changes and the new Module support. You also find the article about the "Anti-virus plague" (where AV tools are complaining about false positives in PB executables) there.


Show your PureBasic game or application to the community and post it in the Showcase! So other PB users can rate and comment your project... Thanks

22th May 2013

3D model and texture collection for PureBasic programmers


Beside his already announced book about 3D programming with PureBasic (see previous News) the author Andreas Groß now also offers a self-made CDROM with a collection of 3D models and textures.


Read more about it here!

29th April 2013

PureBasic in LinuxUser magazine - new book about 3D programming


The german LinuxUser magazine wrote about PureBasic in its issue of November 2012 as part of a comperative test with Gambas and BlitzMax, where PureBasic got a quite good result. Click here for the (german) article  "GUI programming made easy with Basic". Let's see, in which magazines we will find PureBasic in 2013...


To help beginners with the start of programming 3D applications and games, and learning the use of the OGRE 3D engine, Andreas Groß has written a book. This he presents here (german only) - see also the "Books & Tutorial" section for more.

25th March 2013

PureBasic v5.11 final version


Just after the final release of the PB5.10 saw the light in February, Fred used the last weeks to polish this "Granted wishes release" a bit more and fixed several bugs at the compiler, the libraries and the IDE / Form Designer. More about this on the updated History, Update and Download sites.


You can also browse the Online manual for PB 5.11 - also for download here (+ french manual). The lately introduced Beginners chapter (User-Guide) included in the manual was a extended a bit too. More suggestions / help is welcome!  


Fred made a statement about the regularly false alarms of anti-virus tools - read more in the PB Team Blog!

11th January 2013

PureBasic v5.10 "Beta" released


Like announced by Fred in the interview (see News of December 2012), he used the last months to spend a lot of time on bug-fixing and implementing long-time user wishes.


The whole package he also called "Granted wishes release" - and that's the true: only some of a real bunch of new features are line-continuation support in the IDE, FormDesigner integrated in the IDE, reworked packer functions, new system library, and many more. Read the whole impressive list in the PB Forum thread!


The "final" of PB5.10 should be out in some weeks - all registered users can already try the betas of the new versions. As updates are free - every order for a new licence is welcome!

16th December 2012

Big interview with Frederic Laboureur released


"Surprise!" - yes, after a long time I have done a new interview with Fred. And this has become really huge (around 80 Q & A!), in which Fred tell us more about himself, but above all about the history, current situation and future development of PureBasic. I was able to elicit some things from him, which will be included in the forthcoming (as beta) version 5.10...

=> Here we go to the interview!


I would be very happy about nice entries in the Guestbook of!

Fred in interview

December 2012


Apart from that I wish a merry Christmas and a happy healthy New Year 2013 to all PB users!

18th November 2012

PureBasic v5.00 released!


It was a bit of a surprise: After releasing the first beta versions of PB4.70, Fred deciced to give it the version number v5.

3D face animation is possible with the improved PureBasic 3D engine - featuring OGRE 3D!

The brand-new Form Designer added to the PureBasic package!


If you look inside the package, this decision become clear: PureBasic supports now Windows, Linux and MacOS (on new Cocoa framework!) on 32 Bit as well 64 Bit, it got a brand-new FormDesigner (first time for all 3 platforms!) and also the features for 3D programming were massively improved.


Get it on your personal download accout! If you don't have yet, get your licence (valid for all OS, future updates included!) for only 79 Euro here!


There is also a famous PureBasic book back in a refreshed version: "Programming 2D Scrolling Games" - more in the Books & Tutorials section!


Recently I noticed, that there are several PureBasic demos and even tutorials available as videos on - just follow this link!


Please also take a look at the Showcase - and publish your PB stuff there.


Not to forget the PureBasic forums - the most useful and most up-to-date ressource about PureBasic you can find!

14th June 2012

PureBasic v4.61 released + new beginners chapter


"Fred is back!" - as he already told some time ago in the PureBasic Team Blog, he is back working full-time on PureBasic since mid of April. The first step was a whole bunch on bug-fixes and some more improvements - released at the end of May 2012 with the version 4.61 of PureBasic. More about this on the updated History, Update and Download sites.


Together with the Online manual for PB 4.61, which is also available now (also for download here) - there was integrated a new Beginners chapter (User-Guide) directly in the manual, which I have created with big help of  'spikey'. More suggestions / help is welcome!  


Fred is working now very intensively on the further development of PureBasic. One thing, which he already told us, is the change of the MacOS version from Carbon to the new Cocoa GUI platform. More about this also in the PB Team Blog!!

27th January 2012

PureBasic v4.61 "Beta" / Update of the FAQ


A happy and successful New Year 2012 to all PureBasic users!


Just before the turn of the year Fred made happy many registered users with the first beta of the "bug-fix" release PB4.61. More will surely follow, before this new version is officially available...


On I've extended / updated the (german) FAQ - around questions about the PureBasic licence, ordering by dealers, commercial use, etc.

23th November 2011

PureBasic v4.60 "Final" released - happy Christmas time!!


After a long wait the "final" version is now out - grab the new full version in your personal Download Area or the demo version on


All what is new or updated, can be read on the Update and History sites. The latest Manual for PB v4.60 is online as well (if you need: the manual for PB 4.50 still can be accessed here).


Why the new version of PureBasic has delayed and the users don't need to worry about the further development, Fred writes in the PureBasic Team Blog.


The Showcase had 400,000 vistors until now - join it and present your PureBasic project to the public!


Otherwise - happy and healthy Christmas time to you all!

18th September 2011

RC1 of PureBasic v4.60 released / PureBasic book for free download


The final release of PureBasic version v4.60 is near (after the beta phase the actual "Release Candidate 1" was released 2 weeks ago), you can look forward e.g. to many new 3D features including many included examples! At the moment it's excklusive to registered users, after the final release a new demo version will also be available. You can get the full version - licence with unlimited free updates - for Windows, MacOS and Linux together for only 79 Euro!


The best Book for PureBasic beginners (by 'Kale') is now available as free download - just look at the Book & Tutorial site!

27th May 2011

PureBasic v4.60 released as Beta / 10th anniversary of PureBasic


It has taken longer time than usual but with the appearance of the first beta
version of PB 4.60 in April 2011 massive improvements in the 3D area (new Ogre engine and many new commands) are on the way to the PB users, but also in the application section was done a lot... one highlight: the new flexible Canvas-Gadget! The complete overview you can find in the PB-Forum!


PureBasic has celebrated its 10th anniversary in the meantime too -
read more in the


Unfortunately, I had much too little time lately, to do anything on So there are "only" some news today. One helper of the first hour, I would like to say THANK YOU again today and Bye bye: Benny is no longer active in the


While I'm working on the manual for the new PB4.60 version, there was a lot of progress at our project "GeoWorld" (programmed with PureBasic) during the last year.

GeoWorld 0.21 alpha on Windows

GeoWorld 0.20 alpha on MacOS

This will certainly prove once more, that with PureBasic also larger projects can easily be done cross-platform. See the screenshots of the Windows- and MacOS-versions above!

14th July 2010

PureBasic v4.50 released / Download access for registered users of the DTP version


The brand-new PureBasic version is available now for all registered users of the full version for almost one month. About some important improvements I already reported on 3rd May 2010, for an overview about all new features and improvements look at the updated Download, Update and History sites. The newest Online manual for PB v4.50 is now online too.

A fantastic german team reached the 3rd place at the soccer World Cup in South Africa - congratulations to Spain for world title!


With the release of PureBasic v4.50 registered users of the DTP version don't have access to the personal download account anymore, as they got only a one year update-right with their PureBasic version from the stores (german reported). This update-right has expired (mostly) already long ago. More from the point of view of the development team and about the upgrade offer I have posted in the (german) FAQ.


Here you go to the order site.

3rd May 2010

PureBasic v4.50 short before release!


With the release of PureBasic v4.40 at the end of the last year, the PureBasic authors Fred and freak announced, that they want to reduce the "release cycle" for new PureBasic versions to 3-4 months. The goal is some less new features per release, but more regular updates to PureBasic.


So here we are: while the v4.41 release was mostly a bug-fix only, the new v4.50 is already available a "beta3" to all registered users. While we got new features on the compiler side like Maps, Arrays and List in structures, also the IDE and the debugger were improved:

Data breakpoints

You can compile for x86/x64 (Windows, Linux) or x86/PowerPC (MacOS) from the same IDE now. And the power of debugger was extended by the new data breakpoints and the Purifier to catch memory-related programming errors.

The new Purifier


More interesting informations were released on the "PureBasic Team Blog". While I'm working on the new Manual about PureBasic v4.50 at the moment, the online edition will be released short after final release of v4.50.

But now I will go to my 2 weeks of holidays into the Turkey.   

As always my father will handle PureBasic orders in the meantime. Further questions etc. I'll answer when I'm back on 19th May.


And please also take a look at the Showcase, where many interesting projects developed with and for PureBasic can found!

31 January 2010

Price change for PureBasic upgrades


Short before the release of the "Bug-Fix" Version PB4.41 we have changed the upgrades prices according to the age (and smaller prices) of the PureBasic versions in stores. The regular full version (including all futures updates for free!) still costs 79 Euro.


More on the order site.

24th December 2009

Merry Christmas: PureBasic arrived in the final version v4.40! wish all users a merry Christmas and a happy New Year 2010!


At this good time we got the "final" version of PureBasic v4.40, which brings again a lot of improvements. More informations and download on!  


I've put online the latest Manual about PB, the Download, Update and History pages were updated as well, and I've done some work on the UserLibs.

20th August 2009

PureBasic v4.31 and thirst beta of brand-new PureBasic v4.40 out!


While the v4.31 is mostly "only" a bug-fix release and available to all PB users and interested people (as demo-version), all registered users can already test since some days the first beta versions of the forthcoming v4.40 release. This one brings many great additions like: compiler improvements (new 'Threaded' scope keyword, new .a/.u native types for unsigned byte/word), a new library for using hash-maps, rewritten 2DDrawing support including alpha-channel and gradient support, a greatly improved IDE with improved AutoComplete and Project-Management as well Linux x64 version! You can get it in your personal download account.


In the meantime I've updated the PureBasic docs and release the latest Online-manual PureBasic v4.31+ (original PB4.31 version with several improvements).


The new (german) FAQ site is now also linked in the updated order sites and sitemap.

1st May 2009 - great FAQ around PureBasic ordering, licences, updates vs. upgrades, etc.

Because of much more questions in the last time (especially german costumers of the "3D Developer version" by DTP publisher), I've put online a lot of additional informations. These can all be found on the new (german only) FAQ site.


At the same time I say "Good bye" for the next 3 weeks, when I will be in holidays. In this time my father will handle orders.

12th March 2009

Timo 'Freak' Harter in interview!


While I'm still having a big time problem - today I can offer you a surprise: Timo gave me an interview with many interesting statements about himself and the PureBasic developing. Read more here.


One of the reasons for my lack of time is the work on a own big PureBasic project. It's an edutainment software, which I'm creating together with my friend David 'tinman' McMinn.


You can see a screenshot on the left - more details are top-secret!


You should also take a look regularly in the "PureBasic Team Blog" - there you can read interesting statements from the developers, which couldn't be found on the forums.


I'm myself are hopefully able to provide the next update soon...

19th December

2008 Christmas update!


I wish you a merry Christmas and a Happy New Year 2009!


The great new PureBasic v4.30 is out in the final version! Get it in your personal download account. The new version brings many cool new things - some of the highlights: full support of 64 Bit processors, many updates to the included 3D OGRE engine, MacOS version supports now also x86. All the changes and improvements you can read in the History. Please be aware of the notes in the PureBasic Blog about converting from PB4.20 to PB4.30.


According to this release I've also updated the Update site and have uploaded a new online manual, the same in .chm format in the download section.

And finally something to laugh: The veneration of the man behind PureBasic, Fred, goes so far... look yourself:




(Picture by Kwaï chang caïne

from french/english forum)

21st September 2008

First public beta of PureBasic v4.30 released!


Due to the lack of time no other updates today on - but I want inform you, that a great new version of PureBasic becomes reality .


It brings many good news to the PB world - the most important are a 64 bit version for PureBasic (Windows), a x86 version of PureBasic for MacOS as well a big update of the 3D engine to the latest Ogre release. Read more in the official forum announcement.


Furthermore available is the new "PureBasic Blog" - where the programmers talk bit a bit about whats happening behind the sceness or also give useful hints for PureBasic programming (e.g. about converting PB4.x code to the new PB4.30).

30th May 2008

PureBasic v4.20 is out!


"Good things come to those who wait" - with this slogan we could describe the long development time of the new PureBasic version. It is available now as final release for Windows, Linux & MacOS for all registered users in your download account. Fred has given us a very interesting look behind the scenes about all the many things (internally) changed and added for the new and great v4.20 in his (beta6) announcement on the PB forum.


According to this release I've updated the History and Update sites, and have also uploaded new online manual as well in .chm format in the download section. There was also added a combined "Reference manual & CodeArchiv" edition by Stefan Schnell.


I've updated the contact page and added new informations and pictures about the PB team. Also the Glossary, Links and SiteMap pages were updated.


Because of the increasing number of presented DLL and developer tools I've splitted the site into DLL and DevTools, and have also added a new section about useful Include files. I've added a lot of useful wrapper DLL made by Progi84 to the DLL section, as well two new developer tool "highlights": PureGDK & coffIT


I always search for suggestion to present new tools, programs, dlls, etc. on - what you can tell me you find in my posting on english PB forum.


Another bad information: the PureWiki is down since several weeks, too much spam-robots flooded the database. Don't know until now, what will happen with it in the future...

Next week the Uefa Euro 2008 soccer championships are starting in Autria + Switzerland.

And I will have holidays for 2 weeks starting at 23th June, visiting my scottish friend David 'tinman' McMinn!


As usually my father will handle all orders for PureBasic & PureVisionXP during my holidays. Just be aware of the notes on the order site about complete data. Thanks!

22nd February 2008

PureBasic - new Upgrade prices & offer


As the "Topos" version is now already available for five years in the stores (and the prices were decreased during the time), the upgrade to the full version costs now 69 Euros.


Newly available: All buyers of "PureBasic 4 - 3D Developer" from DTP publisher (more -german- informations here) can now get the regular full version with unlimited free updates for 39 Euros. Just send me a e-mail with your full address as well dealer and date of purchase (if you have already, please also add the account data of the 1-year-limited download account).


Here you go the the order page.

13th February 2008

PureBasic v4.2 beta available + new Visual Designer alpha16!


All registered users can get their copy on their personal download account. This new version brings again many improvements, like in-built libraries for Mail, FTP, RegularExpressions, SQLite, etc. as well a DirectX 9 subsystem and a new profiler tool for the PB IDE.  

Also the visual designer for PureBasic 4 is available as version alpha16, for the first time in a Linux version too!


Also on I made several updates:

In the ares UserLibs (Note: the table can be sorted by clicking on the column headers) and Dll/DeveloperTools there were added a wide collection of useful dll and tools around the programming with PureBasic. Included some real highlights like the PBBT userlib package, with Conductor Lite a professional music library or the CodeArchiv v4 in .chm format. Also the Tutorial section I've a bit reworked, some tutorials are online now in a PB v4 compatible version.


Especially for all german-speaking people (because there are different PureBasic versions in the shops) I've created a (german) information site about their differences. Get your regular full version here on my site!


On the english sites of we reach the 100,000 visitor within the next days (probably on 16./17. February). Many thanks for your interest!

19th November 2007

PureBasic v4.1 for Windows, Linux and MacOS released!


After a long break because of several private reasons I can offer you today a new update on  You can expect news on PureArea more regularly from now on again.


We are starting with the breaking news: a bit more than 1 week ago there was released the new PureBasic 4.10 version - for the first time on all three supported platforms at once. So also the MacOS has now it's first "final" v4 release.


You find new Drag & Drop, XML and Scintilla libraries in this release, also MS Vista compatibility was added. Read more in the History and Update sections.


So also the online manual was updated for PureBasic v4.1. For the first time the PureBasic documentation is now also available in PDF format (two versions: "full" with all libraries, "small" without library descriptions). See the download section.


As a little surprise I can show you today the first official pictures of all PureBasic team members! Read more about the PureBasic Team Meeting!


Then I've also updated the UserLibs section to their latest versions and I've also added several new libs.


I want to suggest you the PureArea ShowCase again - there you can show your PureBasic projects to the public!


Everyone interested to buy a PureBasic licence (with free life-time updates) can do it here. Donations by already registered users are possible in your personal download account.

16th June 2007

It's holiday time!

Here you see my holiday destination - Golden sand in Bulgaria


In the meantime there is available PureBasic for Windows already in version v4.10 as Beta version with many useful additions like native Drag & Drop, XML and Scintilla support - like always in your personal download account. For this I have invested a lot of time in the (german) manual, so the CodeArchiv is not much further as the release from May 2007.


I'll be away because of two weeks vacations in Bulgaria from 17th June till 1st July. Please be aware of this, when you don't get a reply during this time. Thank you for your patience 

But: in the usually way my father will handle all orders for PureBasic & PureVisionXP during this time. Just be aware of the notes on the order site about complete data. Thanks!


Yesterday we reached 80,000 visitors on the english sites of since the start on 29th August 2003. Thanks for your interest!

6th May 2007

CodeArchiv v4 as Beta version released!


Hello dear PureBasic friends,


today is the time: the CodeArchiv in a compatible to PureBasic v4 version was released as beta version. But that's not all - there are an improved version of the C.A.V. (Offline browser) as well more than 500 new codes. The CodeArchiv does include now already 1894 codes...  ... I would also be happy about positive votes in the ShowCase!


CAV with forum links

The release of the version v4 as "Beta" means the following:

  • the feature list for the C.A.V. is closed for the moment, reported bugs will be removed (if possible) until the final version
  • I need help with the translation of the already in german available manual into other languages (a started english manual is included) - just send me translated pages via e-mail
  • the same is true for further translations of the language files for localization of C.A.V. (english catalog)
  • furthermore new codes are also welcome as well help with converting already existing codes (see this list)


Please also read the Readme file contained in the archive!


Soon there will be also other news on again!


Actually from the PureBasic developers: PureBasic for Linux was released in the final version v4.01, furthermore there is already available the Alpha version of PureBasic v4 for MacOS in your personal download account!

 Older News on