Collection for 3D programmers "586 models and textures"

 On this site the author Andreas Groß presents his model and texture collection, which you can

buy for 10.00 Euro directly at him. Just write him an e-mail to


Selected models

Description by the author


586 3D models and textures for PureBasic

Unlike other Basic and C programming languages such as Dark Basic or Blitz3D Game Studio, there has been no model collection for PureBasic, this is now different. The offered model collection covers all areas of game programming and is very convenient to have.

There are 450 3D-models and 136 textures from all areas of interior design such as cabinets, sofas, chairs, tables, chairs, lamps, etc. as well as some weapons and items that can be found there, such as lights, traffic signs, oil tons, boxes and everything else, which is used in FPS games.

On the models I've worked hard for six months, but the price of 10 € (incl. shipping) is very low. The disk contains 386 MB of graphics data, and this is a good price / performance ratio!

Like you can see on the pictures they are very high quality models, but they do not have too many polygons, and thus are suitable also for slow 3D cards. More affordable 3D models aren't offered anywhere else, so get them now!

Of course you can use the models for all other 3D engines like Dark Basic, Blitz3D and Game Studio.

CD-ROM (386 MB graphics data) with 450 models and 136 quality textures for 10.00 € at

List of models (mesh) 450 pieces


animeter                apple1          apple1          aquaduct        crossbow2

ax1             ax2             ax3             ax4             bath1

bath2           banjo           bank1           Bank2           Bank3

Bank4           baseball1       baseball2       baseball                Basketball-Hoop

cups1           cup1            bed1            bed2            picture1

sheet1          sheet2          pencil          drill           boxing-gloves

mailbox                 Book1           Book2           Book3           Book4

Book5           Book6           castle1                 castle2                 castle3

paper           clip            cup33           cola            cd box

computer1       couch1          couch2          couch3          diskbox

disk            input           wrench          trade1          trade2

bicycle                 beer            barrel1                 facade1                 facade2

facade3                 facade4                 facade5                 tv              rock1

Fire-ax                 extinguisher    flags           bottle1                 woman1

female2                 female3                 Curtains                walking-stick1  walking-stick2

fiddle          violin-stock    bell1           bell2           grave-stone

grill           Gullie          hair            dryer hair comb         hammer

handbag1        handbag2        harp            tack1           tack2

tack3           tack4           heating                 doghouse        Truck

hurdle          calendar                cannon          card            box

fund            cassette                cassett-case    cup             candlestick

chain           cot1            crate1          crate10                 crate11

crate2          crate3          crate4          crate5          crate6

crate8          crate9          suitcase1       suitcase2       suitcase3

crown           crutch1                 crutch2                 pens            Pumpkin

paint-roller    lamp1           lamp2           lamp3           lantern1

lantern2                lantern4                Head1           Head2           chandelier1

chandelier2     chandelier3     chandelier4     ventilation     mouse

megaphone       razor1          razor2          razor3          microscope

mixer           blender                 monitor1                monitor2                trashcan

trash-can       conch           shell           bedside-table1  bedside-table2

bedside-table3  nail            scissors                music-stands    oil-drum

range1          range2          range4          trash           cartridge1

cartridge2      cartridge3      pilot-luggage   brush           projector

grasstrimmers   umbrella                rocket          smoke-detectors         rice-guides

bag             chessboard      chess-game      bay1            bay2

bay3            bay4            peaked-cap      key             snowman

peppers                 cabinet                 cupboard        screwdriver     chair

stainless               steel-rod               stone1          stereo1                 stereo2

star            power-box1      power-box2      chair1          chair11

chair2          chair3          chair4          chair5          chair12

chair6          chair7          chair8          chalkboard      blackboard2

flashlight              calculator      baptismal       phone1          phone2

telescopic      table1          table2          table3          toster

skull           whistle                 drumstick       chest1          chest2

door1           door2           door3           door4           clock1

Clock2          Clock3          clock4          urn             vase1

horizontal-fan  vase2           waffle          irons1          level2

sink            crest           angle           warning-sign    trailer

crossbow2       desk1           desk2           bookcase2       bookcase3

bookcase4       bus-stop                bicycle                 lantern18       grid

grid            grave-stone1    grave-stone2    Refrigerator    bookcase5

bookcase7       bridge          door            fontaine                football

football2               frisbi          foot            gasbbq          grenade1

gitare1                 hydrant                 chain2          koe             Medal

Ring            Scanner                 key             spitfire                spitfire-camo

dare            stuka           bookcase1       bridge2                 desk10

foot-bench      desk            gem1            gem2            gem3

gem4            gem5            gem6            gem7            Gate2

Barbecue2       sanding                 bock            guitar2                 guitar3

machine-room    cannon13        cannon12        Bazoka          gear

dental-pliers   hook            anchor          dental-mirror   Prisondoor

Bed4            bed5            bed6            bed7            railing1

Perilla2                Perilla3                bed3            bed4            bed5

heating                 fridge2                 bed6            Perilla4                Perilla5

Perilla6                bed10           bed11           chair12                 oildrum2

oildrum3                oildrum4                spades          shelf2          stairs1

Stairs2                 stair3          stair4          stair5          stair6

Stair7          stair8          sink            basin1b                 sink1d

Bath            tub             bathtub1b       bathtub2b       bathtub2c

Bath            bookcase2b      bookcase2c      tree1           bookcase3b

bookcase4b      staircase               stairs9a                staircase1      stairs10b

Stairs10c               Tree2           Tree1b          Tree2b          stone2

stone           trees           trees           trees           trees

1EUR            pear            trees           cigarette               tomato

Car-wheel       knob            egg             toilet          bed10

Bed11           wardrobe10      clothes-rack    chump           log

Pakett1                 Pakett2                 Pakett3                 Pakett4                 Pissuar

Pissuar2                toilet          sink            sink6           sink7

Figure2                 Table12                 Table13                 Table14                 bookcase10

toilet3                 table15                 carpet          whistle                 range10

trashcan10      sofa10          Sheet3          Sheet4          plant

Plant2          Plant3          Plant4          Plant5          vise

Plant6          Sheet7          Sheet5          Chart           crown

Tree5           Tree6           Sheet8          plant           table20

Table21                 Table22                 tree7           tree8           tree9

Sheet9          plant8          plant9          plant10                 sheets

sheets10                tree            plant11                 tree11          chair15

Chair18                 Chair19                 Chair20                 Chair21                 Chair22

Umbrella                Umbrella2       toilet5                 toilet6                 Tent



List of the textures (material) 136 pieces


Tiles 33 pieces

Marble 42 pieces

Steel plates 6 pcs

30 wooden pieces

Masonry 25 pieces