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The libraries offered on this site each include newest updates after the release of a regular update. These can be downloaded with right-click > "Save as" and must be copied into the directory "PureBasic\PureLibraries\".

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The libraries offered on this site are also released after the release of a regular update. But they are beta versions, which are thought for testing. So use them with care!

All other notes are the same like "updates".


Content of the lastest new version v5.60

2nd March 2017 : Version 5.60

- Added: GIF decoder support
- Added: Large icons and text support to ToolBar library
- Added: SetImageFrame(), GetImageFrame(), ImageFrameCount(), AddImageFrame()
- Added: RemoveImageFrame(), SetImageFrameDelay(), GetImageFrameDelay()
- Added: UserAgent support to ReceiveHTTPMemory(), ReceiveHTTPFile() and GetHTTPHeader()
- Added: #PB_Http_NoRedirect support for GetHTTPHeader()
- Added: "Joe Doe <joe.doe@domain.com>" email format support for SendMail()
- Added: HTTPProxy() for Http related commands proxy support
- Added: Compression level support for CreatePack() and CompressMemory()
- Added: ParticleAcceleration(), ParticleColorFader(), ParticleEmitterAngle()
- Added: #PB_Material_AlphaReject, #PB_Material_TAM and #PB_Material_EnvironmentMap support to SetMaterialAttribute()
- Added: new 'Layer' optional paramater to SetMaterialAttribute()
- Added: new orientation modes for SetNodeAnimationKeyFrameRotation() and AddStaticGeometryEntity()
- Added: GetUserDirectory() to get user specific directories
- Added: more flexibility to Base64Decoder to handle non padded input
- Added: Base64Encoder() and Base64Decoder() which takes string as input/output for easier use
- Added: color constants like #Black, #Blue etc. for all OS
- Added: Event() to get the current event (mainly useful from callback)
- Added: #PB_Canvas_Container support to have a container behaviour for canvas
- Added: #PB_EventType_Resize support for PanelGadget(), ContainerGadget(), CanvasGadget() and ScrollAreaGadget()
- Added: #PB_ListIcon_ColumnCount to GetGadgetAttribute() for ListIconGadget() to get the column count
- Added: #PB_All support to RemoveGadgetColumn() to remove all the columns
- Added: (IDE) templates are now saved when created to prevent lost if the IDE is not properly closed
- Added: (IDE) jump to a procedure now automatically unfold it if it was folded
- Added: (IDE) new specific popup menu for file tab to ease source file management
- Added: (IDE) find previous (reverse find)

- Changed: renamed Base64Encoder() to Base64EncoderBuffer()
- Changed: renamed Base64Decoder() to Base64DecoderBuffer()
- Changed: removed 'define.b' syntax to change default type as it could create hard to find bugs.

You find the contents of the individual PureBasic updates in the recent past in the history.