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PureBasic Forums

English forum   (with contact to the author)

German forum  

French forum  

Japanese forum  

Chinese forum  

Russian forum  

PureBasic Chat


Port: 6667

Channel: purebasic   (english)

Channel:   (german)

NoPaste-Service    (for easy + fast code exchange for chat users)

PureBasic Resources

PureBasic Visual Designer     (Home of the PureBasic Visual Designers)

PureProject     (former PB Resources Site with user libs, code snippets, GUI builder & much more)

PBOSL - PureBasic OpenSource Libraries    (Collection of powerful userlibs)

PureBasic Documentation Project    (Project with the goal to create a Wikipedia like PureBasic documentation)

CodeArchiv CVS Project   (Everyone with contributions to the CodeArchiv is welcome!)     (PureBasic tutorial & codes)    (free internet services like webspace, CVS, etc. for PureBasic projects)



PureBasic - Game Creators Network     (useful informations and tutorials around PB)     (the PureBasic Community)

PureBasic - Chinese support site     (first Chinese PureBasic support site)

Frappr! - Online map of PureBasic users    (look where other PB users live)

Weblogao    (first Brazilian PB site with News, Tutorials, Downloads, etc.)

PBasic.SPB    (first Russian PB support site)

PureVision    (alternative GUI/Form editor - Shareware)

PBDev - PureBasic Developer    (developer package - Shareware)

PureBasic Essentials [PBE]    (OpenSource - new IDE for PureBasic with OOP support)

jaPBe - just another PureBasic editor    (very good alternative to the original PB editor!

MilliHelp    (Addon for the PureBasic help, command overview on maps - Shareware)

Programming 2D scrolling games    (the first commercial PureBasic book!)

PB-Beginners    (Home of 'Kale's PureBasic book)

PB.CM - PureBasic Magazine   (Home of the first PureBasic Online Magazine)

Cheetah Database    (powerful Database DLL with PB interface - Freeware)

PureStorage    (Ressource for storing your PureBasic projects to share with the community)

PureBasic Source Code Dump (PB-SCD)    (simple saving of PB sourcecodes)

ImageShack    (free hosting service for images up to 1 MByte)

PureBasic - Review at  

Robsite - PureBasic Tutorials  

Ogre-3DEngine    (Home of the 3DEngine used in PureBasic)    (Home of the flat assembler used in PureBasic)

FASM Tutorials    (Collection of several articles for beginners in FlatAssembler programming)


Milkshape 3D Tutorial    (german tutorial about creating of 3D models)

Microsoft Windows API Support - Additional source for the use of the API functions  

VBnet - Windows API Reference  

Windows API Tutorials  

Windows-Programming  (by Charles Petzold - the ultimative standard book!)    (german site with codes, tips, etc. around the WinAPI programming)

WinAPI - Tutorials    (different german WindowsAPI tutorials)

API Library    (Example collection about including WinAPI in PureBasic)

GLib Reference Manual    (description of the Linux API used for PureBasic)

GTK Reference Manual    (description of the Linux API used for PureBasic)

GTK+ The GIMP Toolkit    (multi-platform toolkit for creating graphical user interfaces)

Linux Kernel API  

SelfLinux    (Linux Hypertext Tutorial)    (Linux Developer Network)

GNU C Library    (complete programmer's resource, e.g. about file formats, algorithms etc.)

Protocol Directory    (descriptions of many protocols, like VoIP, Pop3, Ftp, etc.)

MySQL Manual  

Blender    (Open Source software for 3D modelling, animation, rendering, etc.)

ColdSteel Engine    (a well featured up-coming game developing engine with PB support)

Jail-P    (Yet another Irrlicht Limited Port - project for porting the 3D engine to PureBasic)

Zufix Software Renderer    (3D Software rendering and 3D landscape modelling in PB & ASM)

PixelTutorial    (right place if you want to start learning all about pixel graphics)

CVSGui    (GUI for the CVS "Concurrent Version System" for version control)

Vizacc HelpMaker    (Creating of Windows help files in .hlp/.chm format - Freeware)

K-Net Lib    (complete network library by Krylar, able to include in PureBasic as Dll + Wrapper)

SmidgeonSoft    (website with a lot useful Freeware programing help tools)

Geometric Tools    (extensive online documentation for 3D programming)

Shoecake - GameDev    (many useful links around game developing)

vbAccelerator - Graphics Library    (Source of many free graphics for GUI creating)


Games written in PureBasic (many more in the Showcase)

Blaster - Fist Of Fire    (96K game by TriStar, 2nd place at BreakPoint 2005)

Bobble Puzzle  


Double Impact  

Dune 2077  

Gloomy Nights & Living Dead   

Hostile Skies  

Krakout Unlimited 2  

Ladies Garden  

Lethal Judgement 2 & 3  

Linux Games by Paul  


Pure Racer   

Restricted Area  

Private websites about PureBasic


Andreas' PureBasic Site  


Balrog Software  

Basic Pure  


Benny's Weltenkonstrukteur  

BePe Productions  

BGames  (Dark Programms 2003)  

Blueznl - PureBasic Survival Guide  

Bratwurst 24 / M@xx  

CameleonTH Programming Zone  

Cederavic's PureBasic Site  

Chris Anselm  


C&N Mediaplayer  




Daniel 'DarkDragon' B.'s Website  

Daniel B.'s OpenGL Tutorials  

Daniel B.'s Zap3D Engine  



Deeém2031's Homepage  

Demonio Ardente  

Denis' PureBasic Site  

Dige Homepage  

Digital Joga  

Digital Systems    (PureBasic community project in game programming)


Doobrey Net  

DracSoft    (his MMORPG project can be found on extra site TCUMMORPG)

Dräc Site  

Echtzeit    (OpenGL graphics programming with PureBasic)


Elliott Productions  

Epyx' FlashArts  

Eric 'Erix14' Ducoulombier    (Author of the PureASM editor)

Esteban1 PureBasic Homepage  

Falko 'Pure' Lünsmann  

Fleecer / The_Pharao  

Francois Weil  

Frank Niggemann    (PureBasic Mix - mp3 song)

Franky's Prima GT  

Freak's PureBasic Place  

Games Creators Network  

Garzul Production  

Gnozal's PureBasic Site    (many useful tools & userlibs around PureBasic)

GPF - German Pure Fighters  

GPI's Home  


Heis Spiter  

Horst Schaeffer  




Isengard Utils  

JLC's PureBasic Page  

Julien Heisspiter  


Kaeru Gaman  

Karbon's KSoftware  


Keph's Page  



Krylar's Kreations    (PureBasic book about the creation of "2D scrolling games")


Lebostein / Tomysoft Games  

Le Soldat Inconnu  

Lionel's Webseite  


Marc Vitry  

Marcus Bode  

Marcus Mounes  

Mental Overflow / Rob Gerlach  

Michel Dobro  

Mike Teesch  

MK-Soft / Michael Kastner  





Nico's PureBasic site  


NoName Development    (authors of memoboxX)  


Pixtix    (a graphics program written in PureBasic)


PolyVector / Skunksoft  

Project Dragon Fly  

Psy-x Productions  


PureBasic Destiny    (first japanese PureBasic site)


PureBasic DST    (Development Support Team)

PureBasicPower    (Website of ABBKlaus)    (Webseite of the 'egrid' author Stephen Rodriguez)

PureContest    (Programming contests of german & english forum)

PureFan's Coding Corner  

PureZone    (Tutorials)

Ranger    (strategy & action game in development)

Rayman1970 / Menzer Software  

Realsource    (Homepage of ts-soft & edel)

Remi Meier  

Robert Herter / LeolaSoft  


Rui 'Num3' Carvalho  


Slotict's Track Design  

Smollies / LuckyLuke  


SoftWar Entertainment  


Stefan Möbius  

stfm Online  



Volker Schmid - x-beliebig  


WinBahn (Jens Haipeter)  

Ypser (Frank Hubricht)  

ZapMan / FreeSoundEditor Project  



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