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  Books about PureBasic programming


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PureBasic - A Beginner's Guide To Computer Programming

Purebasic - A Beginner's Guide To Computer Programming

is an essential guide for newcomers to Purebasic or computer programming in general. If you are an experienced programmer looking for a quick reference on Purebasic or somebody wishing to learn how to program computers from scratch, this book is for you. Purebasic makes a great first language for anyone wishing to learn to program computers and this book is designed to guide them through their first steps. Written in a no-nonsense style, this book aims to simplify complicated topics making sure that everything is explained fully in a straightforward and helpful way.   (written by Gary 'Kale' Willoughby, released in July 2006, has cost 38 US$, formerly support homepage was


New! The book can be freely downloaded - click on the link on left side. >> Related thread in english PB forum

Programming 2D scrolling games

"Programming 2D scrolling games" was the first commercial book about programming with PureBasic, which was originally released in July 2005. Available for $17.95 plus shipping.

After a time being not available it's now back in a refreshed version adapted for PB4.61 and PB5.00. Get it in printed form (see link on the left) or read more about in the PB forum thread!

3D graphics and animation with PureBasic

The PDF book "3D graphics and animation with PureBasic" is available in german only. It will be delivered on a cdrom, with additional sources and a converter for the mesh-format, and it costs 10,00 €.

The author Andreas Groß presents his book here. Orders are directly possible at Andreas.










Update for PB v4 by

Stefan 'Dostej' Mahr

532 KB

Basic course from simple window, over sprites until graphic effects. (german)

Original version by BlueSpeed for PB3.x

 Gadgets, Menu & Toolbar

Oliver Baum


Update for PB v4 by

Stefan 'Dostej' Mahr

266 KB

Basics about handling of windows, gadgets, menu, toolbar and statusbar. (german)  Original version by Oliver Baum for PB3.x

 Input & Output


3 KB

Programming of windows with input fields, buttons etc.

 Console applications


3 KB

Programming of Windows console applications. (german)

 Logical decisions & loops


3 KB

Basics of programming - logical decisions & repeats (loops). (german)

 Procedures & Structures


4 KB

Introduction into using of procedures and structures. (german)

 Fields & Linked Lists


6 KB

The working with data - creating and using of arrays as well dynamically linked lists. (german)



3 KB

Little tutorial about working with files in PureBasic. (german)



4 KB

Introduction into using the Windows API in PureBasic. (german)

 Pointer (without PDF)

Timo Harter


Update for PB v4 by

Stefan 'Dostej' Mahr

82 KB

Everything about the use of pointers in PureBasic. Html and PDF edition. (german)  Original version by Timo Harter for PB3.x (including PDF document)

 Graphics tutorial



Tutorial about graphic design for games. (only online available)

 InlineASM Course



Inline assembler for beginners (from PB forum) - Offline, available per e-mail on request.

 COM objects in PureBasic

Timo Harter

8 KB

Tutorial about creating a COM object in PureBasic (v3.80+) using URLDownloadToFile as example.




Survival guide for all PureBasic newbies. (will be regularly updated, you can download current version on the site)

 Load & display images


14 KB

Tutorial about loading and displaying images, on window or screen.


Daniel Middelhede

13 KB

Tutorial about creating a byte-patcher - manipulating of existing (binary) files.

 ODBC in PureBasic

Rui 'Num3' Carvalho

65 KB

Introduction into the database handling in PureBasic with ODBC, does also include the SQLite Syntax for using with database queries.




Online tutorial about the event-handling with PureBasic under Windows.

 Side-scrolling 2D game

D. Currier


Tutorial about creating a 2D game with side-scrolling. (will be regularly updated, you can download every new chapter on the site)

 SQL and PureBasic

Fangbeast & LarsG

89 KB

Tutorial of the SQL (Structured Query Language) database language using PureBasic as the medium. Early edition, which will be updated regularly. - Current version: 05. October 2004

 Neural Network  (.doc version)

Pedro 'BalrogSoft' Gil Guirado


Online tutorial about programming neural networks in PureBasic. A neural network is a system to simulate a neuron (cell that transfer information inside animals brain and nerves) behavior, all neurons compose the nervous system.

 Learning to program

Alan Gauld


Online tutorial for beginners in programming (general informations, program examples in Python).

 Netslayer's PB Tutorial



Online tutorial about the 'Basics' of programming with PureBasic.

 Games for advanced programmers

Udo Kessler

1.8 MB

Tutorial of 7 chapters, demonstrating the development of a small space shooter.

 Using DLLs in PureBasic

Remi Meier

10 KB

Tutorial about using DLLs in PureBasic.

 Time-controlled game creation

Remi Meier


Online tutorial about time-controlled game creation. If you ever wondered "how to do create a game that run at the same speed on every PC?" - here you get the answer!

 Neural Networks - Tut1, Tut2 & Tut3

Remi Meier


Online tutorials about implementing neural networks in PureBasic.

  PureBasic OOP tutorial



Online tutorial about doing "Object-Oriented Programming" in PureBasic.

 Assembler tutorial

Author: ??

(sent by Falko)

108 KB

Tutorial about the assembler basics - for all people, which want to use InlineASM in PureBasic someday ;)

 RPG creation in PureBasic

Authors: different


Online tutorial about creating a RPG in PureBasic.

 PureBasic Tutorium


445 KB

PureBasic tutorial for beginners - from an introduction, over the program flow till the handling of windows and gadgets as well the memory handling.

 Using databases in PureBasic


44 KB

The tutorial shows how to work with databases - using different development tools: PB internal commands, MDB_Lib and SQLite3.


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