Team-Meeting in Fegersheim 2007  

(Report done by André Beer for in Nov. 2007)


Today I want to invite you to a world-premiere... ;-)
See the first official photos of all the PureBasic team members! I want to tell you some stuff about the meeting and of course give you also some impressions...

On 11-12th August 2007 Fred invited his friends Timo, Benny, Rings and André to his parents home in Fegersheim (France). As Fred is living in Paris since several years we had the possibility to stay at their house during this weekend. So here we go...

On the way to the meeting point I came to the small town Fegersheim in the south of Strassbourg and shot my first pictures...

As such a meeting took place for the first time in 2003 this year was the first chance for me (André) to meet the other guys personally. At least Fred and I know us through internet since nearly 10 years (at this time from the BlitzBasic Mailing-List for Amiga), but now was the first time we could see us.

So I want to show you a picture of the complete team first.

You can see (from left to right): André, Timo, Fred, Benny (with his childrens*) and Siggi

*They are the junior developers, who will create the Wii-RemoteLib for PB ;)

The goal of such a meeting is not to work on new PureBasic features - it's instead for having fun, know everyone a bit better than before, and of course discuss about current PureBasic development, planned features (don't ask - you know the rule "... when it's done") and about the life beside PureBasic. At first we also relaxed & satified us in the warm sun of August in Fred's garden. We also watched & examined all the animals / enemies in real, which you can meet later in Paul's pacman-clone: LadysGarden

So now is the time to show you, who are the people behind PureBasic:

Frédéric 'AlphaSnd' Laboureur



Inventor and Main developer of PureBasic

Timo 'fr34k' Harter



Second developer of PureBasic. Libraries, IDE and many other things (including evil takeover plans for  the PureBasic empire... ;)

André Beer



PureBasic docs and support


Benny 'Bericko' Sels



"Father" of the Visual Designer


He said: oh no, please no photos with flash...

Siegfried Rings



... is not a real team member, but suggested a PureBasic lib and always helpful ideas, experiences, ...

He really has the name of his nick in real life! Or was it the other way round...?

On this pictures you can see us discussing new PB features, showing what was already done (not only for PureBasic, also with it: e.g. Rings showed us for the first time his private "MediaCenter" written in PB).

Some pizza, beer and coke always by the side. But note: Pizza and beer were only decoration to keep the "geek" image alive on the pictures. Nothing of it was for eating...

People knowing him longer from IRC will get the point: this is always the time, when Timos nick will transform from 'fr34k' to 'f00d' ;)

If sometimes there wasn't an agreement about what new PureBasic features to do first, we just decided this by a duel...

Rings lost every match against Fred. So there will be no wishes of him realized for next versions (until he train his Wii sport skillz), ha ha  :)

Ok, this was a joke. But of course we had a lot of fun with the Wii console. Below you see the "professionals" Fred and Rings in action.

Timo beated the highscore by throwing  the remote-stick 8.5 m from livingroom to kitchen, only a wall stopped it (and Rings got shoked 50 cm beside the bullet hole... ;)



Finally here you see a photo of the current active PureBasic team: André, Fred and Timo.

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