CreateNodeAnimationKeyFrame(#NodeAnimation, Time, x, y, z)
Create a new keyframe for the #NodeAnimation. A keyframe is a point in the world at a specified time. When the node animation will be played, it will follow every keyframe and thus moving from points to points. The move will be interpolated to respect the time constraint. For example, if the first keyframe is set at time 0, the second at time 1000 and the third at time 3000, going from the first keyframe to the second will takes 1000 milliseconds, and going from the second keyframe to the third will takes 2000 milliseconds. The overall animation will take 3000 milliseconds.


#NodeAnimation The node animation to use.
Time The time in the animation to set the keyframe (in milliseconds). This value has to be between zero and the 'Length' defined in CreateNodeAnimation().
x, y, z The new keyframe position in the world.

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