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(quotes from corresponding e-mails):

Claudius D.

"... only the features, for me as a former fan of the C64-Basic almost a trip to the 'good old days', but of course much better.

I have later bought 'Purebasic' by Gary Willoughby from England and since then I use PureBasic even for my work as Engineer. I'm sure I don't need to list the advantages to you - you already know them better than me: small and fast programs, no dll's necessary for executing, cross-platform and most importantly - for me as a newcomer at that time - super easy graphics programming. Therefore I use nothing more than PureBasic!"

Uwe Z.

"Since the end of 2003 PureBasic has become to the most used language for me in private and in my job as programmer.

... that many things can be realized faster and easier than in C.

I would like to express my gratitude for the constant development and improvement of PureBasic, which has become my favorite programming language."

Rüdiger W.

"In gratitude for the beautiful uncomplicated fast, very good documented and translated PureBasic!!! Every year I learn to appreciate PB even more!"

This web page would like to improve the publicity and the distribution of PureBasic, a powerful alternative to other BASIC compilers such as VisualBasic, BlitzBasic or PowerBasic.


With PureBasic you get a moderately priced programming language, which combines simple BASIC syntax with the speed and small program size of real assembler programs. With PureBasic you can create extensive applications as well fascinating games. With the possibility of easy including of the Windows API and InlineASM there are almost no limits to your creativity. PureBasic supports the MS Windows operating system, as well MacOS, Linux and Amiga (OpenSource). Furthermore updates are free for registered users of the full version!


Die vollständig in PureBasic geschriebene IDE auf MacOS!

Erstellen Sie Spiele... Lethal 4

... und Anwendungen... Elementary Reports


On this site you find valuable helps around the programming with PureBasic, such as the online-help, a code-archive, user-libraries for extending the command set, etc... have a lot of fun with it!


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